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What We Do


  • Split Systems / Multi-Split Systems
  • Ducted Systems

A two-part system which includes an outdoor unit (condenser) connected to a single indoor unit. Split Systems are a wonderful solution to control the temperature of a single room or open area.

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Ducted systems are the most discrete choice when it comes to controlling your homes temperature. Learn More

Our Services


We are invested in taking care of our valued domestic clients and the products we supply.

Small Commercial

We understand how important it is for our business clients to maintain a comfortable thermal environment that is safe for their staff and customers.

At Cold Rush Air Conditioning our goal isn’t just to warm, cool or sustain temperature in your home or office. We want to make your space feel truly comfortable. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions that are optimally functional because we care about your comfort.

Cameron Kelly
Owner of Cold Rush Air Conditioning

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