Split Systems / Multi-Split Systems

What is it?

Split systems are a wonderful solution to control the temperature of a specific area in your home.  

The indoor unit, also known as the evaporator, is mounted high on a wall and can quickly change the temperature of a room while working with the outdoor unit (condenser) which can be neatly installed relatively close to the indoor unit or in a more discrete location around your home. Split systems have the option of being controlled by a wall-mounted controller, a remote (one to each indoor unit), or most can now be controlled by an App on your mobile device.

Who is it suitable for?

Split systems are optimal choices if you only want to control the temperature in one room or a specific area. The outdoor units are usually much smaller than those for ducted systems, and multi-split systems are beneficial where space is very limited for an outdoor unit.

What are the benefits?

While less discrete than ducted systems, manufacturers have greatly improved the visual design of indoor units, giving them a contemporary look to go with any interior décor. Replacing an outdated split system with a brand new one can give a room a facelift. Each indoor unit on a multi-split system can be controlled and scheduled to operate one-at-a-time or simultaneously.

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