About Us

Our Company

Cold Rush Air Conditioning was created in October 2018 by Director Cameron Kelly with the intention of providing outstanding customer service. Along with our team of highly skilled technicians, we provide well thought out and tailored solutions that take into consideration the thermal needs of the occupants as well as the building’s parameters.

We’re passionate about our work, and pride ourselves with our ability to carry out every job with the highest standards in the HVAC industry. We treat every job as an opportunity to demonstrate our workmanship, and always aim for “top-notch” feedback from our clients.

Why Choose Us

  • We consider all factors of a home or building’s thermal efficiency.
  • We take into account every detail of a space in order to provide the best solutions.
  • We have a team of passionate and qualified technicians.

How We Work


Cold Rush will provide you with a no-obligation complimentary quote.

Site Inspection

Our skilled technicians will visit your home, small business, or office to conduct a thorough site inspection to scope the site parameters and ask you about your thermal needs.


After our Site Inspection we will recommend a plan and a system that will suit your space perfectly.




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