Ducted Systems

the most discrete choice when it comes to controlling your homes temperature.

What is it?

Once installed, the only parts that are visible inside your home are the air grilles and the control system.  When choosing Cold Rush to install your ducted system, we ensure all components, including those you can’t see, are properly installed so you can focus on your comfort.

A ducted system has two main machine components: the indoor unit, which is typically installed in the ceiling or under the floor, and the outdoor unit, also known as the compressor or condenser.  These two work together along with refrigerant gas to change the temperature of the air.  The conditioned air then travels from the indoor unit through a series of ductwork that reaches the air grilles to cool or heat the room to the desired temperature. The control system typically sits on a wall in a central location of the home, and with recent technological advances we now have the ability to control the temperature of any room from a mobile device.

Who is it suitable for?

A ducted system can be the best solution for clients who want to zone their home to multiple specific areas and be able to direct airflow where needed by turning zones on and off.  Our technicians can determine if your home or small commercial site can suit a ducted system, and provide alternate air conditioning solutions to keep you comfortable. 

What are the benefits?

Ducted systems are less noisy and more visually discrete than split systems.  They also can be less expensive to operate by being able to direct air flow to where you want it, and turn off zones where it’s not needed. 

Multi-Air Touch 4 Wi-Fi Control System

Set your home to your idea of comfort.

Take your air conditioning to a whole new level of comfort and energy efficiency.

A fully integrated control for multiple ducted units, and up to 16 zones throughout your home.

Only run the AC where you need it with Smart Zoning. Plus, with runtime tracking, energy and airflow management technology, you can be sure of greater efficiency and energy savings from your family’s air conditioner.

With optional Individual Temperature Control Technology (ITC), AirTouch monitors temperatures and smartly adjusts airflow as needed around your home.

Everyone is Comfortable

Cool the house down before you get home in summer, or warm it up before you wake up in winter.

16 Zones 4 Units 2 Consoles

AirTouch 4 can control up to 4 ducted air conditioners and 16 zones across multiple storeys from 1 or 2 consoles in your home.

Integrates how you want

Smartphone App. Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa. IFTTT. The choice is yours.

Invest in smart air conditioning today!

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Ducted systems are the most discrete choice when it comes to controlling your homes temperature. Learn More